Exploring Scotland's west in an RV

It’s morning. And a courageous few rays of sunshine battle through the mist to reach my closed eyelids.

I open them to the most stunning view imaginable. Day is rising over the Irish Sea, the waves sparkling in the early light.

Just five yards in front of me, shining seals bob and dive beneath the waves then haul themselves on to a rock so they too can lie back for a while and take in the stillness of the view.

I pull my thick, cosy duvet over my shoulders and watch the seals watching the waves.

There can be few better ways of getting closer to a place than a motor-home road trip (with the exception of tent camping perhaps, but that would have involved a travel feature full of anecdotes about damp clothes and midges).

But no, this is a story of the open road, wide-open skies and opening our eyes to the beauty of Scotland’s west coast.

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