Can't afford a flat? Rent an RV

Rob looked around for something workable, a few dozen RV’s sat in the police impound lot, packed in so tight he had to slide sideways between vehicles to peer in the windows and check the undersides.

“A lot of junk,” he said. “Though somebody would probably love this junk.”

After all, it’s clear someone was living in each of these RV’s before it was towed. Clothes, blankets, and trinkets were scattered on the floors.

“I found one with the fridge still cold, there was food in it,” Rob said.

As homelessness has risen in Los Angeles, there are more and more of these barely working vehicles sitting on streets around the county, providing a semblance of shelter for thousands of men, women, and families. When those inhabitants rack up unpaid parking tickets, their vehicles end up on this tow lot in Wilmington. If they’re not claimed, they go up for auction.

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