At Aschbach in Bavaria!


This week Motorhome Full Time is coming to you from Aschbach in northern Bavaria.  It is a charming village which for administrative reasons is part of nearby Schlüsselfeld.  It has a population of only a few hundred people but is home to two major motorhome producers, Concorde and Phoenix, and of course Morelo is nearby in Schlüsselfeld.  There is a motorhome stellplatz next to the Concorde factory and that company kindly gives bread rolls in the morning.

The history of the town goes back many years.  The manor house which is on the road leading north out of the village belonged to the von Pollnitz family and was a location where artworks looted during the Nazi regime were hidden.  

In the nineteenth century a significant part of the population was Jewish, the synagogue still stands as does the cemetery which dates to 1720 and has a large number of headstones.

Access from the motorway is very convenient although this does have the downside that it can be heard!



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