Are Motorhomes Good for Long-Term Living?

A major reason why living in a motorhome is so appealing to people is because of the focus on simplicity; the great appeal of having everything you need and nothing you don’t. Living with less allows us to focus on the important things in life; our dreams, our passions--the list goes on.

When it comes to living in a motorhome or other small space, everyday activities can sometimes present a challenge. Not to say that it isn’t absolutely worth it--it just means you need to approach each experience with creativity and an open mind.


What’s Inside a Motorhome?

Motorhomes today are set up to fulfill the demands of everyday life. This is the main feature that sets them apart from traditional passenger vehicles. While they may vary in size and luxuriousness, their purpose is the same: to be lived in while on the road.

Larger motorhomes can be set up with full kitchens, bathrooms, and even a recording studio for touring artists. There are also smaller, van-like motorhomes for the masses. These types can often be fitted with kitchenettes or camping stoves; as well as a pop-up top for sleeping. The toilet “situation” can be remedied with one of the many portable or composting toilets on the market. Although smaller motorhomes aren’t necessarily ideal for having guests stay the night, they’re a space that is indeed, very much liveable.


How Long Can I Live in a Motorhome for?

At the end of the day, it really comes down to you and the kind of motorhome you’re interested in owning. Having to use a portable toilet or live in a small space may not be your cup of tea. If that’s the case, then consider moving up in size (if it fits your budget).

There are still certain ideas to consider no matter what size motorhome you own. For instance, managing full-time energy consumption on the road or finding a place to park legally. Things like this can make long-term living a challenge.


Here’s Why It’s Worth It

You can’t buy happiness; but you can buy a motorhome. Living in a smaller space comes with a range of benefits that make this way of living absolutely worth it.

Freedom to roam. Life in a motorhome means you can wake up to a new view whenever you please. New job across the country? No problem. The ability to bring your home and everything you own makes moving a far less daunting experience.

Save Money. Living in a motorhome can be a great way to save money for a house or other large purchase. Additionally, less energy is required to heat or cool a small space--your heating and cooling bills will be a lot lower than a residential home.

Save Time. A smaller space means less area to clean or decorate. When you own a motorhome, you also don’t have room for unnecessary things. Instead, small space dwellers can spend more time outdoors rather than spending hours putting away belongings.


The Takeaway

Like any small space, living in a motorhome has its challenges. The ability to live long-term is dependent on the individual, as well as the size of the motorhome in question. Are you okay with living in close quarters? Do you like the idea of being able to hit the road whenever you please? If you can see yourself doing these things for the long term, then this might be the ideal way of living for you.


Author: Molli McGee

Molli is a U.S. citizen currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Aside from writing about tiny houses, Molli loves to be at the beach and eat food (often at the same time). As an avid surfer and beach-goer, she does her best to promote a sustainable way of living.