Sokolnice Battle of Austerlitz

This week finds me in Czechia (the new name for the Czech Republic which no-one seems to use) visiting the locations of the Battle of Austerlitz which took place on 2 December 1805 and was fought between Napoleon on one side and the Austrian and Russian emperors on the other.

Horn, Austria

This week Motorhome Full Time is coming to you from Horn, a historic town in the Waldviertel region of Lower Austria - a location which makes it one of the most northerly towns in this country.  

It's nice to bump into old friends down the road.  Such was the case at Naples, Fla., where I reconnected with Diane and Dick Budka of Chicopee. It was February. The folks back in WMass were knee-deep in winter. Naples offered sunshine and temperatures ranging into the low 80s.

Looking to save some money on your camping trips this summer? Make sure to tow your second vehicle in, instead of driving it.

Impatient drivers refer to motorhomes as road slugs or maggots because they're white and crawling.  But New Zealand's growing motorhome fleet is an economic force to be reckoned with, and these wallets on wheels are literally driving business into small towns all over the country.

Whereas most motorhomers would no doubt prefer an ocean or river view, in the city centre they cannot have it!  Nonetheless one New Zealand council has gone the extra mile so to speak and has provided motorhomers staying in its aire with murals showing views that they may wish to have!