Winter in the van

Knaus claim that its vehicles make a good medium for getting out and about visiting Christmas markets, walking in the snow, skiing and all sorts of other winter activities.  This is made possible via cold-bridge-free insulation of the vehicle body, insulation of the windscreen and rear doors as well as the warm air circulation of the fresh water tank and frost proof water pipes. 

An overnight stay in a cold winter landscape is therefore not a problem - quite the contrary.  The grooved floor structure nestles against the body floor - so there are no cavities and therefore at the same time with the best insulation no condensation. Thanks to the sophisticated heating installation, energy and heat are optimally distributed in the vehicle. A temperate pedestal in the seating area always guarantees warm feet. Compact exterior dimensions and sophisticated technical details, such as the placement of the heavy components above the rear axle, enable perfect vehicle handling even in adverse conditions. The company claims that its vans offer high living comfort and at the same time maximum storage space for skis, sleds and other winter equipment.

Having said all of that, ice scrapers and snow shovel and other winter equipment will still be necessary.




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