Varying the height of bunks

Project 2000 has developed a variable height bunk bed that makes it possible to arrange the back area of the camper as desired. The bed can be set over a dinette or over stowage space. In the former case, there are three possible living solutions: with two beds packed together (total thickness about 30 cm) and raised up to the ceiling, the dinette space can be fully exploited; with just one bed lowered to half the height, the dinette can be used at the same time as one bed space, while with two beds lowered, the dinette space is lost during the night, but it can sleep two people. The lower bed, which is electrically powered, can be considered active while the upper bed is passive, pulled down by the bed below.

“It’s not a real novelty because the design and the first prototypes were completed back in 2006,” says Davide Nardini, CEO of Project 2000. “But maybe this solution was too “avant-garde” for the market at that time. Now, though, the time is ripe and companies are showing interest in this application. Quite frequently, Project 2000 anticipates the times with ideas and solutions that are only understood and appreciated some time afterwards. The variable height bunk bed is one example. It involves an idea whose design dates back 10 years but that has only now become a product that’s ready for use on the market.”



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