Van explodes following fridge work

Motorhomers are warned to be very careful about doing their own work on gas lines! Basil Lloydd​ from Taupo in New Zealand was doing some work on the gas lines however he forgot to close one and the result was an explosion as he was cooking himself a steak.

Basil, a 65 year old widower, had opted for the motorhome life and sold his house.  You can see in the link an interview with him as well as the extent of his injuries.  He is in in Waikato Hospital, where he has been since the explosion.

However despite his very severe injuries, he very bravely drove the burning motorhome 100m away to save his neighbours' motorhomes.

The NZMCA recommends that qualified professions do any gas work on motorhomes. "The biggest lesson to be learnt out of this is that people just can't do their own thing." said the organisation's Chief Executive.

See full story and video interview here :


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