Upgraded oven is more efficient than predecessor

Oven, grill and hob come together in Thetford’s newest appliance renovation: the Aspire MK2. The Aspire MK2 is more efficient than its predecessor with improved sealing, gas consumption reduced by around six percent and maximum temperature spread for improved cooking. As it reaches 200 degrees Celsius in just under three minutes, less time is wasted on waiting for the oven to heat up. The domestic burners can handle the smallest to the largest pan, and the hotplate is at the same level as the hob rings for easy sliding of the pans. This more convenient model has a pressed top instead of a folded one and rounded edges, keeping spillages to a minimum and making it easier to clean.
What’s more, the burners are 5mm lower, making it safer for any cabinets placed directly above it.  It uses thirty percent less time to reach maximum temperature and the grilling area of the Aspire MK2 is thirty percent larger. The grill pan now fits both oven and grill. Grilling becomes more convenient with a heat shield that pops out automatically when the grill is open. This prevents the knobs and fascia from warming up while grilling dinner.



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