TV kit which claims to guarantee a signal

CombiSat is the new device that ensures camper and caravan owners should never be left without a TV signal. The request came from a partner of Teleco's, a premium motorhome manufacturer, who wanted to offer its customers the opportunity to watch television even with the vehicle parked under trees or in the presence of obstacles making it impossible to use the satellite antenna on the roof.

Teleco - which has over 40 years' experience in designing and manufacturing RV antennas - responded by developing kits that allow fast, easy vehicle connection to an automatic portable supplementary ACTIVSAT antenna or to a camping site power supply pillar, to receive all available cable channels.

CombiSat is an intelligent switch that automatically connects the portable ACTIVSAT antenna in combination with the one installed on the camper roof. ACTIVSAT is a portable, fully automatic satellite antenna, extremely user-friendly (just open the tripod, mount the dish and connect the 15 m cable to the special external ACTIVSAT vehicle socket). By connecting the ACTIVSAT cable to the socket, the CombiSat intelligent switch automatically disconnects the antenna on the roof and connects ActivSat to the television. When the portable antenna aligns with the satellite, the signal will immediately reach the TV set, ensuring perfect viewing of all the programs.

If there is more than one television sets, Teleco has come up with a Twin kit that allows for simultaneously watching all programs on two different TV sets.

Another kit is CombiCab also available to quickly connect your camper and therefore, your TV sets to the campsite plug for the antenna, to be able to view all available cable channels.

The third kit is CombiMax, designed to connect a camper with two TVs both to the supplementary satellite ActivSat dish and to the camping site plug for the antenna.


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