Truma to introduce caravan mover

Truma will be introducing its Mover® SX caravan mover in August 2017.  Technology and design elements of the Mover® XT have been incorporated into its product development. The Truma Mover® SX is the first manually engageable manoeuvring system on the market that has stepless control. It enables caravans to be manoeuvred with precision – smoothly and without jolting.

Intuitive remote control is made possible by the intelligent control logic. “Like with the Mover® XT, you accelerate smoothly with the slide control and steer with the control knob. Both are even possible at the same time, meaning that the caravan can be manoeuvred smoothly around curves,” explains Bernd Gerlach, Head of European Retail Management. With minimal effort, it is possible to turn a caravan 360° around its own axis and couple it to the towing car with millimetre precision. “The caravan symbol on the control knob makes manoeuvring easier,” Gerlach adds. “All customers have to do is align the remote control with the caravan’s drawbar – which makes moving forwards and backwards absolute child’s play!” Engage from one side without cranking The Mover® SX can be easily and quickly engaged and disengaged from one side with a single lever movement – without any cranking at all. Due to the clever mechanics, this is possible without any physical effort.

The Truma Mover® SX moves single-axle caravans with a permitted total weight of up to 2,000 kg – even on inclines of up to 13%.



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