Thetford revolutionises RV toilet and waste water infrastructure

Thetford has announced the launch of its iNDUS system which will completely revolutionise RV waste water infrastructure and indeed RV construction.

The company claims that iNDUS is not just a new product but a complete smart sanitation system, offering RV users more convenience, more hygiene and more freedom. It says that with iNDUS RV users can be off-grid for an average of 7 days.

The system supports one-stop discharging in a very hygienic and flexible way. Additives are dosed automatically in exactly the amount needed. A great amount of fresh water is saved by an efficient toilet flush and by re-using grey water to flush the toilet. And all actions are supported by an app, giving RV users a complete real time overview.

Users discharge their tanks on average 5 times a week. Every 2 to 3 days the waste-holding tank is discharged and every 2 to 4 days the grey water tank. Thetford's research shows that people empty their tanks, both grey and black water in many cases because people think they are full, but in fact they don’t really know. Another reason to discharge is the fact that there is a discharge location nearby. An additional problem is that the smell of both black and grey water can be quite unpleasant, especially when additives are not used.

Thetford claims that iNDUS brings discharging from 5 times a week, down to an average of 1 allowing off grid use of at least one week. Furthermore the app informs when tanks are getting full, and powered by Campercontact, it will show over 25.000 possible discharge locations. And when you need to discharge, you can go one-stop-discharging of both grey water and black water with a hygienic and flexible iNDUS discharge device. This can be done at most grey water discharge spots, as long as they are connected to the general sewage infrastructure.

The iNDUS discharge device has a 2m hose which is placed onto the grid, you open the valve, push the button to activate the discharge process and the rest is done by the system.

The iNDUS discharge device is compatible with the layout of most wastewater discharge spots. RV users dose their additives manually on an average of every 2 to 3 days. It is not a heavy or dirty job, but in practice you can easily overdose and underdose. iNDUS provides a full automatic additive dosing module.

It will dose exactly what is needed based on the use of the system and based on the temperature. After about 4 weeks, the empty cartridges have to be replaced. The iNDUS app provides real time information about the volume level of the cartridges and when they are empty and need to be replaced. The iNDUS system comes with 3 specially developed additives for Grey Water, Flush Water and Black Water. Together these additives will guarantee a hygienic use, will prevent bad smells and ensure trouble-free use of the system. The iNDUS additives are biodegradable, just like all Thetford waste-holding tank additives. Next to that, the active substances will be broken down according to the amount of waste that has been produced. Modern looking macerator toilet The new iNDUS toilet is a modern looking, intuitive toilet with a soft close seat and cover and a well-considered bowl design, to make sure it feels like home. And with at 7.5 kg it is a lightweight toilet as well. An outstanding aspect of the iNDUS system is the low water use.

The system is re-using grey water to flush the toilet. This reduces the weight of the waste tanks and will leave you with more fresh water to use. By using a low noise macerator pump, with a two-step macerating process, the amount of flush water used is brought to a lower level, which is comparable to the Thetford cassette toilet. This indicates a low flush water use of 200ml for a small flush, or 500ml for a big flush.

Just to compare, at home we use 3 to 10 liters per flush. And by re-using grey water for toilet flushing, people save on average 112 liters of fresh water per four weeks and therefore also the same amount of waste water!” Because the hose package is compact and easy to install, the toilet can be placed freely. The toilet can be fixed to a wall when you have a toilet with a console. Otherwise you can place the toilet wherever you like. This leads to new lay-out possibilities for OEM’s. As the toilet can be placed freely, all the surfaces can be reached so it is also easy to clean.

The iNDUS app supports a transition from guessing when and where to empty your tanks to knowing when and where. It is providing all relevant information in one simple dashboard on your mobile device. The level of your additive cartridges, the level of your tanks and for example, an automatic alert on the nearest discharge location because your tank is full, and much more. It all becomes available in real time via a secured Bluetooth low energy connection.



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