Thetford introduces second generation electric fridge

Thetford recently introduced the T1090, the first compressor refrigerator especially designed for the campervan. Meanwhile the second generation of this very well-received refrigerator is launched and as from the season also available at the dealer. 

Saving energy 
This compressor refrigerator is made to perfectly fit the shape and user requirements of the campervan. The T1090 can be characterized as powerful in cooling, efficient, silent, and perfect in use. The second generation has a renewed freezer design with its own evaporator. The freezer is now a fully isolated compartment which retains its temperature when the main door of the refrigerator is opened. These improvements have a positive impact on the performance of the freezer. It also results in an energy savings of 14% and gives less condense. And last but not least, the new design freezer facilitates a better storage and better clean ability. 


Take position

The T1090 was already available for a low door handle to facilitate a top installation. For those who like to have the refrigerator positioned near to the floor level, the T1090 portfolio is now extended with the version with a high door handle. This way you can place the refrigerator also on the bottom and still have an ergonomic opening of the refrigerator.

T1090 in your current campervan? 
The T1090 is now available at the dealer. Thetford always recommends to have a certified dealer install your refrigerator to be safe and sure. Thetford offers a 3-year warranty for the T1090. 

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(Part number 691668SP handle at the bottom) 
(Part number 691669SP handle at the top)
Dimensions h x w x d 975 x 418 x 485 mm
Total volume 90 L
Freezer volume 6.5 L
Door shape Flat framed 10 mm
Door type hinging Left*
Energy consumption (kWh/24h) 0,4 
0,3 (Night mode)
Power input (Watt) 48 
24 (Night mode)
Power source DC 12 V
Input current at 12V 4 A 
2 A (Night mode)
Noise level (dB(A)) 32 
29 (Night mode)
Net weight 21 Kg


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