Thetford Friends test Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated

During the recent RV show season Thetford introduced a new family of Aqua Kem®, the Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated and the Aqua Kem Blue Lavender Concentrated. Market research shows that the end users highly appreciates this new product with an 8 out of 10 score. Small is the new big!

Why a concentrated version of Aqua Kem Blue?

In a market where convenience, space and weight are important, the answer to this question is not very difficult. Marketing Manager Norbert van Noesel: ”Off course we already had Aqua Kem Blue Sachets on the market in a small and lightweight can. But many end users told us that they want to be in charge of the dosing themselves. Therefore our chemist team developed this concentrated liquid formula. After the successful introduction of Aqua Kem Blue Lavender last year, we are happy to introduce both the traditional Aqua Kem Blue and the Aqua Kem Blue Lavender in a concentrated version.”

Less is more!

During the major RV shows in Europe Thetford gave away thousands of Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated samples. After that, about 650 Thetford Friends joined a market survey, sharing very valuable feedback. About 80% appreciated the quality and innovative power of this concentrated product, and showed a strong buying intention. A 59% size reduction in the bottle size is the most important reason why end users intend to buy the concentrated line. End users acknowledged that the Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated is even better compared with the regular Aqua Kem Blue. Where the level of odour suppression is on the same top level, with both liquefication of the waste and the suppression of the gas build up significantly improved.’ Therefore it will be easier to empty your waste holding tank without splashes.

End users as co-developers

‘We like our end users to be part of the product development process, ‘ says Van Noesel. ‘Therefore we launched an initiative called Thetford Friends. These Friends receive practical tips a few times a year, product samples and we engage them in the product development process. A lot of our end users enjoy being part of this. The idea for a concentrated liquid product line was a direct result of end users feedback.’


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