Table leg from STLA

The flagship product when it comes to table legs in extruded anodised aluminium has been redesigned to offer a significant and above all stylistic evolution of a product that is already highly appreciated by the market and which has achieved advanced technological development.

"Our aluminium profile table leg has been a successful STLA product for many years. In 2018, with the company’s acquisition by Lippert Components, new resources have been added and we have commissioned our designer Riccardo Minuti to come up with a new concept that would increase the aesthetic appeal of an already remarkable product when it comes to functionality and versatility", says Paolo Milianti, General Manager of STLA. The new MOON table leg differs from the current version because of its oval shape. The fascinating and distinctive stylistic innovation concerns the presence of a conduit on the outer side suitable to accommodate any customisation: from a luminous profile to a wooden insert that incorporates the furniture of the camper, from a carbon profile to a lacquered or metal finish, without virtually no limitation for the creativity of the style centre. In addition, The LED light can be customised with a motion-detecting device.



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