A table that folds away

Project 2000 has developed a foldaway table for the dinette. The system consists of a casing anchored to the wall containing the table and the opening mechanism. You just need to raise the table vertically and then turn it over horizontally by 90 degrees. There are no support legs, which allows an excellent level of comfort for the dinette occupants. The system is similar in weight to normal dinette tables, since the extra weight of the casing and opening mechanism is counterbalanced by the absence of legs. The casing is only 14 cm thick, and is made of box-type aluminium that can be covered with the surface finishes used for the vehicle walls. The table can be made in large sizes and is suitable for use in any type of recreational vehicle, including caravans. It is particularly suitable for use in Vans. “The possibility to free up the space occupied by the table in the dinette with one simple movement opens up new scenarios for using the space on board,” declares Davide Nardini, general manager of Project 2000. “When it is not in use, in fact, the table limits living space and is an obstacle both when driving and when stationary. The English know all about that, and they’re used to removing the small table and storing it in the cupboard. Now a holiday in the open air will be simpler for them too.”



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