Stylish Polyplastic windows on Autotrail V-line models

The  Autotrail  V-line range has grown to three models with the introduction of the 610 and 620 layouts next to the existing 600 model

The V-Line 610 features the increasingly popular rear lounge layout that provides a spacious living area during the day and on an evening quickly converts to a bedroom.  Both models share the same compact 5.99m body shell as the original V-Line 600 that was launched earlier this season. Polyplastic developed the windows with an exclusive  flush look and still create enough light inside.  

The V-Lines much praised and industry leading modern exterior design continues. All  V-line models are equipped with Polyplastic quality windows on either side and rear door(s) in privacy black finish. These windows are completely adapted to the curves and lines and specially designed for Autotrail V-line. Stylish looks on the outside and aclear vision from the inside. Once inside you will immediately appreciate the very high level of comfort . Unique within the entire V-Line range is the beautifully styled inner roof with concealed low energy 12v LED lighting.



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