Step into the van!

Most new motorhome buyers are close to retirement, if not already retired and they may not be as fit as they once were.  To get into the driving seat of the cabin a step of around 46cm fis required. Thus an additional step may be useful.  On the passenger side, getting in is even more difficult as there is no entry aid at all. Especially for smaller people, children, teenagers, people with back or knee problems or older people, it is a physical torture to overcome this non-ergonomic altitude difference of approx.46cm with one step. An additional step may reduce the height by 12 cm, to 34 cm.

The steps can be adjusted and adapted to the vehicle construction design in the vertical direction. This is done by means of vertical longitudinal profiles on the bottom of each step.

In this way, the additional steps can be individually adapted to the different vehicle superstructures, such as those of caravan and camping vehicles.

The single step, has a measurement of (LxWxH) 790x130x80mm.

The material used for the steps is a highly stable aluminum profile.

At the short ends, there is a firmly screwed, rounded and impact-resistant safety plastic cover.

An anti-slip profile is incorporated into the surface of the aluminum component (Fig.1). This profiling secures the person when entering and leaving with a moist or wet step.

An optionally installed light on the underside of the auxiliary tread switches on when the vehicle door is opened and lightens up the entrance area of ​​the vehicle.

The additional steps are screwed tightly to and underneath the vehicle chassis by car-specific stainless steel brackets (Fig. 3 and 4).

The attachment points of the brackets on the vehicle chassis and underneath the vehicle are prescribed for the respective vehicle type.

The consoles themselves are technically and constructively manufactured for the individual vehicle types.
The design of the brackets for the additional step ensures a static load capacity of at least 150 kg per step.

The advantages achieved:
With the help of my additional steps getting into the above mentioned vehicle is completely free of pain and fatigue.
Entering and leaving the driver and passenger side by means of my new development is a great help, support and safety factor for children and young people as well as for people with physical limitations.
Especially when leaving the vehicles in the dark, the distance to the ground – the standard vehicles of 46 cm – often cannot be detected. Tumbles, injuries and traffic accidents (tumbles on the road) are prevented with my development.
An optional, automatic floor lighting, when opening the doors, under the additional entry steps provides additional security when entering and leaving the vehicle in the dark.



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