Smart room to create more space

Among the variable space solutions on offer, Smart Room is one of the most innovative, with the most impact on travellers, who can expand the walls of their vehicle on demand, making use of a significant amount of extra space.

“Our commitment to researching and developing products aimed at optimizing the space inside recreational vehicles has become ever more focused and attentive over recent years,” says Davide Nardini, CEO of Project 2000. “SmartRoom is a space that’s made-to-measure and on-demand. This solution has been a must in the USA for years now, and we’re convinced that customers in Europe will soon realize the benefits of this product.”

The must for this sector is to increase space while at the same time reducing the weight of the recreational vehicles. SmartRoom makes it possible to reduce the vehicle’s size and therefore its weight, offering greater living comfort inside only when required. Project 2000 has developed a high quality production process that allows the manufacture of identical right-angle profiles that can be easily assembled, with high precision in the parts that make up the slide-out. The insertion of gaskets is also automatized thanks to a machine specially developed for the purpose that allows a constant level of quality to be maintained, ensuring the perfect match and seal of the gasket.

“Our attitude is to make high quality products and to make them as flexible as possible so that our customers can develop innovative ideas inside their recreational vehicles,” Davide Nardini continues. “We strongly believe in the future of this product and in the benefits that it will bring to the final users. And I can say this with certainty because I’ve been an enthusiastic user of recreational vehicles myself for a good 22 years.”