Safety innovations in Morelo

Morelo noted an increase in the number of sold units by 43% in 2016 and about 35 % more sales turnover in the current model year which gives it a European market share of currently around 33% in the segment of luxury motorhomes.

The absolute highlight at the Morelo stand at the Caravan Salon will undoubtedly be the Morelo Empire which needs a driving permit up to 7.5 tonnes. In addition to intelligent lightweight construction, a new chassis is mainly responsible for this. Thanks to the lighter Iveco Daily as the base chassis, the vehicle remains well below the 7.5 ton limit.

As far as safety is concerned, the driver is positioned around 30 cm higher and about 30 cm closer to the front end compared to the originally intended seating position of the chassis, thanks to a specially designed and produced dashboard. In addition, the driver and passenger seats move a total of about 20 cm closer to the side walls, resulting in a fatigue-free, coach-like driver position with an optimal overview. This special front design reduces the forces acting on the occupants, enormously.

Morelo motorhomes dispose of a front and rear end underbody protection, preventing a car from diving too deeply into the motorhome in case of a frontal collision or a rear impact. In addition, the seats of the supplier SKA have also passed the most demanding belt tests. From now all Morelo motorhomes with a total weight of above 7.5 tons will be equipped with a lane-keeping assistant and an emergency brake assistant, which support the driver in critical situations..

Driving comfort and driving safety can be optimized with every new Morelo on Iveco Daily MORELO on IVECO DAILY usiing the new VB-ActiveAir, preventing unwanted "rolling" of the vehicle. In figures, this means less 40% lateral inclination during cornering and thus 8% reduction in crosswind sensitivity. Also the braking distance is reduced by 15% thanks to VB-ActiveAir and even the fuel consumption optimized. Unevenness on the road is better absorbed by the vehicle, which results in an average reduction of 9.3% of the rolling resistance, thus reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by approximately 2%. Eight sensors measure the vehicle's driving behaviour and pass these data to the controlled VB shock absorbers, which adjust their power within just 6 milliseconds.

The optional front “WideAxle” makes a valuable contribution to driving safety. This specially developed axle construction widens the front wheel spur by 20 cm and improves the cornering stability as well as the optical appearance as the wheels on the front axle are now positioned further out in the wheel arches.

The introduction of airbags into Morelo motorhomes has been a subject of long debate internally, but has been rejected for the time being. The integration into the existing design is technically difficult and carries disadvantages. It would have meant giving up the independent dashboard, the higher seating position, the removable steering wheel and the elevated front end. But safety in an accident is greatly increased by precisely these factors.  According to detailed customer surveys, it has therefore been decided to further expand and optimize the basic safety systems as listed above.

The Palace and Empire have a much larger body door. It makes entering and leaving the motorhome much more comfortable thanks to 4 cm more in height and an increased width by 12 cm, fitting particularly well into the exclusive interior and exterior design of the vehicles. As well as new upholstery concepts.In the bathrooms, all models now feature high-quality, light shower panels in sandstone optics.

The changes to the next highlight are even more extensive: the new Morelo Home comes with a completely redesigned interior.

Morelo say that they will have another special innovation in Hall 14, on stand no A39. It has something to do with a sports car built in Zuffenhausen but they are not saying any more yet.



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