Retrofitting diesel to LPG plan being considered

Retrofitting black cabs to run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is being considered as a key solution for confronting the UK’s air quality crisis, as part of the Government’s draft air quality plan which was published in May 2017.

 As part of the new plan, the Government estimates that 4,400 black taxis could be converted to LPG over a 3 year period. A government-funded retrofit grant scheme is now under consideration, which would allow organisations to bid for funding. This is part of the previously announced £150 million fund announced in autumn, which also earmarks money for retrofitting buses. A fuel strategy review will further assess the potential for alternative fuels like LPG in the coming weeks.

 LPG has been proven as the most cost-effective retrofit option for cleaning up some of the worst polluting diesel vehicles. Compared with diesel, LPG can provide emissions savings of up to 80% on dangerous nitrogen oxides (NOx) and up to 99% on particulate matter, and has long been heralded by industry as a low-cost solution to clean up the UK’s vans and black cabs. Furthermore, bioLPG, which comes onto the UK market this summer, offers further significant carbon savings in addition to the existing air quality benefits.



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