Retrofit kit allows for greater ground clearance

Motorhomes are becoming more and more customised – and this includes both the layout and configurations. The result: retrofit products, such as towing hitches, must then be produced as a small series or even a special solution, which is difficult and expensive. Sawiko now has a clever solution for this. The company from Neuenkirchen-Vörden, a subsidiary of AL-KO Vehicle Technology, is a manufacturer of rear rack systems and tow bars for motorhomes in Europe with 20 years experience in developing a construction kit system that also consistently offers the optimal solution for special situations.

The new type MT054 system includes four basic components – ball head, clamping ring, cross member and side plate – which are bolted on to the chassis or chassis extension as one assembly. This offers the highest flexibility. Tow balls can be mounted either as a removable variant, with a fixed ball rod or as a four-hole flange coupling, ensuring optimal use of the installation space under the structure for every vehicle type. The cross member is available in all lengths for AL-KO chassis and SAWIKO chassis extensions. And the side plates are also available for all common variants of the existing AL-KO cross member for the AL-KO chassis. In addition, additional installation positions are also possible due to the construction kit system.  

This system is also available as a heavy load variant (type MT055).

The advantages of both construction kit systems:

Greater ground clearance possible
Easier installation for "fitted" vehicles
Less reworking for the rear apron


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