Rapid cleaning of water systems

The Multiman Pink Box came onto the market in August 2017 and aims to give rapid cleaning of the drinking water system. Drinking water tanks and pipes must be cleaned regularly otherwise there is a risk not only of biofilms forming, leading the water to taste and smell bad, but also of danger to your health, especially if legionella is present in the water system. It was possible to clean drinking water systems properly before, but with a processing time of around 18 hours this was very time-consuming. It took too long, especially for leasing and charter companies. They are under severe time pressure to turn their vehicles around between customers and often do not carry out the required cleaning of the water system. This has resulted in unhappy customers and complaints. Even private owners often only have a short time to purify the drinking water system and prevent any health risks before setting off on holiday. This problem is now solved with the MultiMan® PinkBox.


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