Project 2000 launches smart beds for RVs

With the new SMART BED, the end customer too can have a variable-height bed with the comfort of a wooden slatted base on their motorhome. Thanks to the electric motion system, the bed can be raised to the ceiling, when not in use, to free up precious room in the living space. Conversely, the bed can be lowered to make it easily accessible when required. Though installation is simple and quick, the intervention of a specialist installer is suggested.

The Project 2000 SMART BED range is made of up three KIT types:

SMART ELECTRIC BED: Mechanical KIT including motor unit, adaptable to standard measurements up to a maximum of 2000 mm × 1600 mm. Each lifting KIT includes guides, shafts, fixing plates and belts (length up to 4000 mm). The KIT is supplied with a crank so it can also be used manually in the event of emergency.
SMART FRAME: KIT for customising the bed frame too. Four aluminium profiles are offered for cutting to size, a kit of standard wooden slats and slat holders. Purchasing this KIT alone also makes it possible to create a custom static bed frame, adapting it to the spaces available in your vehicle.
SMART ACCESSORIES: KIT of brackets designed for fixing the bed frame to the lifting system.


Combining SMART ELECTRIC BED with SMART FRAME and SMART ACCESSORIES gives you a complete solution obtaining a finished bed, completely customised and with the comfort of a wooden slatted base! Project 2000 has also taken care to the develop a solution which is not only simple but quick to install. The assembly times for the components to produce the lifting system and pre-assembling the bed system on the customer’s bed base structure is around 5–6 hours in total. The complete work time, i.e. adapting the space inside the vehicle to permit the bed installation and operation (adaptation of furniture, installing bed in the vehicle, final post-installation details) is around 16 hours, varying according to the vehicle configuration.

Project 2000 has maintained the main characteristics of its bed system range unaltered also for its bed kits, offering a solution with a lifting capacity up to 60 kg (bed, mattress, furniture applied under bed base) and a 250 kg capacity for use in static position.



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