Project 2000 flat screen TV stands

The new retractable electric stand for flat-screen televisions is part of the 12533 series and was designed to respond to the latest European market trends, which, in line with the American market, is calling for increasingly larger televisions, and consequently stands capable of carrying more weight while being conveniently adjustable. With this new TV stand, users can now install a 32-inch TV set in their motorhome or caravan without using up crucial space. By capitalizing and adapting the technology derived from its extensive expertise in the design and production of variable height beds, Project 2000 has developed a belt system for this product as well. Additionally, the belts wind about a co-extruded aluminum shaft. Equipped with two powerful motors, the system can lift 15 kilograms all while being remarkably light, weighing in at just 9.5 kilograms. The stand can be integrated into the backrest of the dinette sofa, concealing the TV set from view and freeing up more space inside the motorhome or caravan



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