New compressor fridge on market

Thetford has introduced T1152, a slim compressor refrigerator that is 418 mm wide and has a 152 litre capacity.  The T1152 has the same enclosure dimensions as the successful absorption refrigerator range of the N3140. The T1152 has more volume and less weight compared to the N3140 series, respectively 152L instead of 142L and 34 kg instead of 37 kg. 
Integrated ventilation  
The T1152 compressor fridge has a powerful and strong 12V compressor. The fridge is rated as tropical climate class, which means it is suitable for use in ambient temperatures of +16°C to +43°C. Of course, there are different aspects that can influence the performance. One of them is the installation. The small feet at the bottom, and the distance holders at the back, ensure a good installation, and provides the necessary integrated ventilation flow Due to this being a compressor fridge, there is no need for a gas bottle and outside vents, therefore installation becomes plug and play. 

Slide-out box, drawer and more for your convenience 
Having a drawer makes it easy to store the 2L bottles and vegetables. The smart and popular slide-out box (known from the N3140 series) is very handy for breakfast supplies and facilitates a fast handling time, keeping the cold inside. Another useful feature is the shelf food retainer that keeps the food in place while driving, and if not needed can be folded away. In addition to this, the night mode brings you a quieter compressor, especially ideal for the night. 


The fridge door has the hinges left, but they can be easily changed into right. In summary, a well-designed and carefully thought-out refrigerator that enriches the RV market. 

At the dealer 
The T1152 is now available at the dealer. Thetford always recommends to have a certified dealer install your refrigerator to be safe and secure. And of course, as you’re used from us, Thetford offers you the 3-year warranty for the T1152. With our extensive network of service centers and dealer, there is always one close to you. Find your nearest dealer at:


Dimensions (H x W x D) 1500 x 418 x 578 mm
Total volume 152 L
Freezer volume 18 L
Door type hinging* Left or right
Energy consumption** 0,50 kWh/24h
0,40 kWh/24h
(Night mode)
Amount of days on a 95Ah battery 2,5
3,0 (Night mode)
Net weight 34 Kg
Control panel LED
Energy selection Automatic
Door shape Flat framed 10 mm




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