More slide outs in UK

LCI Industries, a multi-national components supplier to the global caravan and motorhome industry, saw a strong increase in the number of models with slide-outs at last month’s Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham, UK, and received positive feedback from the public and manufacturers to its Smart Caravan concept.

This year there were four motorhome manufacturers and a total of eight models featuring slide-outs from Lippert Components®. Its own Smart Caravan concept featured four slide-outs to show how much more living space and the new layout possibilities they can provide. Motorhomes with slide-outs at the show included the Adria Compact SlideOut, winner of a 2016 European Innovation Award, plus models from three British manufacturers: IH Motorhomes had its new N630RL panel van conversion with a rear slide-out; RS Motorhomes had three models with up to four side slide-outs each, and Moto-Trek had three models in its X-Cite range with side slide-outs. Commenting on the growing interest in slide-outs in the UK, Larry Revelino, Director of International Business Relations for Lippert Components® said: “We are really excited to see such a dramatic growth in the number of models with our slide-outs at the Motorhome and Caravan Show. We have received great encouragement from British manufacturers and the public, so expect to see more models with slide-outs available in the UK soon.”

“We were also delighted with the positive reactions to our Smart Caravan concept. Everyone seemed to love how much extra interior living space its four slide-outs create, the flexibility of

having two entrance doors (one on each side), and its revolutionary, modern interior design created by Tecnoform,” added Larry Revelino. In response to feedback from the public, and the popular concern about the suitability of slide-outs for British and continental climates, Lippert Components® has launched a new accessory to provide additional protection when in more extreme conditions of ice, snow or excessive debris , etc. The Slide Out Brolly goes over the top of the slide-out to provide additional insulation and prevent snow or other items collecting on top of the slide out. It is particularly useful for longer stays, easy to fit and is now available from LCI Industries UK.

Ian Hartley, the founder of IH Motorhomes said: “The slide-out on our N630RL model has had positive feedback. A lot of our customers trade down from larger motorhomes, so the slide-out provides valuable extra space in a vehicle that’s still only 6.3m long. The extra space for a small van is a good thing, so slide-outs are very interesting for us.”

Another British manufacturer at the Motorhome and Caravan Show, Coachbuilt GB, which adapts motorhomes, caravans and panel vans to be accessible by wheelchair users has produced its first model with a slide-out this year. Alex Birch from Coachbuilt GB said: “Using a slide-out is a huge benefit for us as it opens up so much more space inside for a wheelchair, helps us put customer’s requirements first and avoid compromises on interior designs. We have produced our first slide-out motorhome this year, based on a Swift Kon-tiki, and the customer was delighted.” The growing number of slide-outs in the UK mirrors a similar increase by continental manufacturers, such as the Knaus-Tabbert, Pilots and Reimo. Internationally, Bailey Australia, the subsidiary of UK manufacturer Bailey of Bristol, uses a slide-out by Lippert Components® for its Australian built Rangefinder models.


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