Micro caravan shows technological advances

This is the Mogo Freedom, a British built caravan and utility trailer.  Apparently the founder of the company, Matjaz Korosec, was looking for an alternative, cost effective solutions that would enable him to continue taking holidays regardless of economic constraints.

The first advantage is of course that it is small and will fit in your garage and if you need your garage for your car then it will fit in most people's gardens or back yards.  It also has the advantage of being able to transport things like bicycles and other outdoor equipment which can be pulled by a small car.

Undoubtedly the design is functional, perhaps it could be a little higher but there could be good reasons of stability for this - and the team that built it should know as they come from major caravan producers including Adria, Coachman, and Fleetwood.

In assembly the designers have gone away from the principle of aero dynamics which means that the stress points have been reduced.  With both sides opening, it becomes ideal for transporting things and could be used as a mobile vending unit - for drinks for example. 

It has a maximum load weight of 750kg and weights 350kg empty.

The unit core is constructed using ultra,  lightweight Banova® balsa wood. The strength and durability of the walls was achieved by the use of  newly developed plastics for building and housing industry providing strength, thermal insulation and impact resistance. The unit's strength has been achieved by using bonding technology based on Sika® products.Sika products can be found in a variety of automotive solutions of leading car manufacturers. In addition, all seams and door frames are strengthened with brushed aluminium profiles that are building the framework. The combination of bonding technology and strengthening profiles are assurance of quality and longevity of the product. Mogo comes with breaks, suspension and jockey wheel all produced by the German ALKO®.

However the unit comes at a cost comparable to that of a ten to 15 year old motorhome which would have all the benefits of a kitchen, shower and toilet.  The Mogo is definitely an improvement on a tent and many small caravans in its class.  Its dual use capability makes it suitable for those running small businesses however it is for the very specific market of those seeking small lightweight solutions.


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