Metallarte door for entry level RVs

Metallarte’s latest product is a door that it wants to introduce to the entry-level market. It is an entrance door for the inner compartment characterised by a single closing point. With a simple yet aesthetically captivating concept thanks to its modern design and clean and soft lines, the new door stands out for its ability to combine a sophisticated design with access to an aggressive market tier from an economic point of view. "With this new door", says Lorenzo Manni, Sales Manager of Metallarte and RV Doors, "we want to acquire a share in the entry-level market by introducing a product specifically dedicated to low-priced campers. The product is intended mainly for the European market, especially Italy, France and Spain". "We already had a door at a competitive price in the catalogue, but it was of a slightly higher level”, adds Marco Marzucchi, Metallarte’s Production Manager. “Now we wanted to create an aggressive product, but that would be at the same time reliable and appealing from an aesthetic point of view. It is no coincidence that extremely functional and efficient components have been chosen, having an excellent quality-price ratio and capable of guaranteeing remarkable durability".




Door with concealed two-point hinges

The design of the high-end door with concealed two-point hinges is brand new and was entirely developed in Italy around the miniaturization of a particular type of hinge used until now in the world of industrial and commercial vehicles. On a functional   level, the hinge runs on a self-supporting rack system that confines the movement within the door mechanism. "We designed the door lock on the locker instead of on the wall, thereby eliminating the need for any added machining", says Lorenzo Manni, Sales Manager of Metallarte. In terms of its installation, if the panel is supplied by Metallarte there are no problems of adaptability, vice-versa it is necessary to perform an extra pantograph. The opening radius of the new door has also led to a record width of 177 degrees in the sector. The hinge also features customisations, such as the optional integrated door-stop. "The advantage that comes from the installation of this door is not only aesthetic but also aerodynamic and functional. Overall, the door creates a clean and modern image, in line with the current stylistic trends in the industry.


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