Materials for RV furniture and fittings

Motorhomes require special products for furniture and fittings that are lightweight.  Any wood from a hardware store will not do!  One company that provides such products is the Italian Tecnoform.  Their product line is as follows :


High-gloss finished components.

Tecnoform has offered high-gloss finishing on curved and flat locker doors since 2012. Providing a good quality high-gloss finish is one of the more challenging feats of woodworking, but the final result is hard to beat since it brings out the colour and form of the material like no other.


Solid surface components.

Solid-surface materials offer durability, versatility and stain resistance for toilets and kitchen worktops using lightweight construction.


Modular Kits for Panel Vans.

Ready-to- mount solutions using appropriate light weight materials make conversions much easier.


Surface finishing

Rather than using traditional laminates, new technologies offer fingerprint-proof, homogeneous, and highly resistant surfaces to abrasions and scratches.


Lightweight wooden based locker doors.

Today we can see a variety of woodgrain and art-design decors for motorhomes which will inspire the most demanding interior RV designers to find new ideas for future ranges.


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