Lilie Certec 3-in-1water purification

Certec® 3in1 und WaTu® by Certec®: Extracts germs without silver The unique material combination consisting of Certec® ceramic and Bio-Electro-Deposit protects your water, vitalizes it with minerals, and is self regulating. And this is how these unique elements work: Spring water runs through several sediment layers before it emerges at the surface. This filter serves as a model for the patented Certec® ceramic. Under a microscope its porous structure resembles a gigantic maze. It attracts mucigenous bacteria like a magnet because they prefer huge surfaces to multiply.

Bio-Electro-DEPOSIT: The special Lilie method LV1098 produces a low electric current of 0.06 mA (Bioelectricity). It releases negative ions, electrolyzes, and activates the water. It has an anti-septic and antibacterial effect and releases mineral micro-elements.

Simply SELF-REGULATING: This process is self-regulating and consequently ensures an optimal dosage. This way, overdosing or under-dosing is impossible.



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