Lightweight materials for van conversion


In times of efficient use of resources and sustainability, lightweight construction solutions are the number one concern for the future in a growing number of industries. Vohringer is one such supplier to various RV manufacturers, using innovations that help reduce weight and CO2 pollution. These include, in particular, the coating of panel materials in the company's own furniture production facilities for the caravan and motorhome market. When doing so, variability in form and same design standards are pursued. 

In this market, the innovation leader demonstrates with its basic product range, VLIGHT BASICS, how to specifically use panel materials, profiles, furnishings and construction parts, mostly of wood but also of PU (polyurethane), PET, EPS and XPS. Thanks to the innovative VLIGHT BASICS, low weight and variety of shapes can be perfectly implemented by combining the most varied materials.

The accompanying photographs show a concept vehicle designed for bikers which was shown at Caravan Salon 2019.


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