Large garages for queen beds

The new Pedelec and scooter garage for the popular queen-size bed floor plans combines the demand for a high rear garage for sports equipment and large wheels or scooters and convenient low bed access in the sleeping area above it. A recess in the floor increases the inner height for the front wheel, and the queen-size bed can be folded away upwards using a handle for loading and unloading. It's simple: Lift the bed, park your Pedelec and pull the bed back down. The queen-size bed remains in a low and therefore convenient position, and in spite of this, 125 cm high Pedelecs, bicycles or scooters will fit into the scooter garage. Anyone who wishes to transport heavy Pedelecs or scooters should also choose the optional insertion and transportation system. The idea is so good that Carthago has registered it for patent.



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