Kosmo campervan with tent in the roof

The pop-up roof with double bed is available as option for the Laika Kosmo campervan range. From the area of the rooflight, above the dinette, you can access the roof through a practical removable ladder, which can be divided into two parts. The roof is opened by a special manual mechanism located in the compartment to access the sleeping area. The bed, sized 129x198 cm, allows you to enjoy a total plein air experience, thanks to three large windows (two side and one front) with opening/closing zip and mosquito net. The windows allow light to enter, or create darkness, as well as facilitate the passage of air and allow you to enjoy the surrounding landscape. A LED light, positioned in the access compartment and with an adjustable stem, allows good lighting even at night, for example to read a book before sleeping. When not in use, the access compartment can be covered with a special coating fixed to the roof with convenient snap buttons. The new pop-up roof makes the best use of all the spaces of the campervan possible by adding two beds without taking away space and liveability from the living area. A valuable option for young motorhome owners who like to travel with friends and explore new solutions.


Pop-up roof with double bed for Kosmo Campervan

  • Manual opening mechanism in the access compartment
  • Practical modular ladder
  • Double mattress 129x198 cm
  • LED light with adjustable stem positioned in the access compartment
  • Three opening/closing windows with zip and mosquito nets
  • Coating to cover the access compartment when not in use


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