Hymer introduces energy package

Hymer has come up with a unique solution for supplying leisure vehicles with power. The system stores energy in both lithium and lead batteries, and their charge status is controlled in an intelligent way. As a result of this, motorhome enthusiasts can now take significantly longer self-sufficient trips.

A starter battery and a living area battery are installed as standard in each HYMER motorhome and every HYMERCAR camper van. The new HYMER Smart Battery System means that customers now have the option to have a lithium battery installed instead of an additional, conventional living area battery. The continuous operation of conventional lead batteries when their charge status is low means that they often become defective in one to three years, whilst pure lithium systems perform far better and last for a longer period of time, although they are very expensive to purchase.

The HYMER Smart Battery System combines the superb performance of lithium batteries with the low costs of conventional lead batteries. The advantages of the HYMER Smart Battery System and how it works The HY-Tec lithium battery 135 consists of six individual modules (LE300), which are connected to the lead batteries in parallel. This extendable solution increases both the capacity and performance of the lead batteries, whilst simultaneously tripling the efficiency and lifespan of the entire system to approx. ten years.

The lithium batteries undertake the majority of the charging cycles, whilst the lead batteries serve as backup storage devices. The result of this process is a reliable and stable power supply on the road, creating even greater independence from external power sources. In addition, a clear increase in the level of self-sufficiency can be achieved thanks to the doubled capacity and a weight reduction of five kilograms compared with the previous system: at the typical rate of use, independent journeys can be extended from 2.8 to 5.6 days, and the battery efficiency is also increased from 70 to over 90 percent with the HYMER Smart Battery System.

By connecting together two different battery systems, the entire winter-proof system can even be operated at temperatures below 5 °C, without any adverse impact on the lithium battery. This is because the operation of the entire system at lower temperatures is ensured by the lead battery, which is impervious to the cold.

As there are three possible equipment packages, which differ in the number of corresponding lithium and/or lead batteries and therefore the power capacity, the new HYMER Smart Battery System enables the customer to tailor their vehicle to their own needs. As of January 2018, it can be installed in all new models from the HYMER and HYMERCAR brands. 


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