High marks for Lavender Blue

Thetford Aqua Blue Lavender

Thetford introduced its Lavender scented Aqua Kem Blue toilet additive last year at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf and it says that a poll among almost 500 respondents from Germany, The Netherlands, UK, France, and Italy, shows that 77% like the new fragrance. Those who participated in the poll graded the appearance of the bottle with an 8.2, product performance an 8.6 and the fragrance an 8.3.  

Aqua Kem Blue Lavender is a waste-holding tank additive. Important and essential for proper sanitation use. It gives an outstanding odour control and it liquefies the waste which makes it easier to empty the tank. Aqua Kem Blue Lavender reduces the gas formation and pressure build up in the tank. 

Aqua Kem Blue Lavender is now available from retail outlets.



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