Haloview reversing camera

The old reversing camera was showing its age so time for a new one.  Here I talk about the HaloView system which is a colour rear camera and show us installing the equipment in my van.

As we are not camera installers, we followed the instructions and used common sense.  I hope it has been done correctly, however please do not accept this as an installation guide - the installation part is for entertainment purposes only!


The camera has the following features : 

7" TFT LCD monitor,120°wide viewing angle,16:9 and 800 x 3 (RGB) x 480
2. Picture image can be adjusted for Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror and Normal viewing. 
3. 8 languages optional: English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian.
4. Automatic back lighting for buttons.
5. Multiple video formats: AUTO/ PAL/NTSC.
6. Up to 3 cameras input, and built-in mic and speakers for audio
7. Operates from 10 -32V. Supports 12V or 24V automobile battery. 
8.  Automatic scanning function.
9. The scale can be adjusted for left, right, up and down.
10. Automatically switches to back-up,left,right camera views.
11. Built-in SMART IR-CUT filter makes image more realistic and avoid color blur.
12. 4 IR LED provide 32ft of night vision.
13. The camera’s IP69K waterproof rating (highest IP rating) and the vibration rating is 10G.