Fridge in Hobby Vantana campervan

In 2016 Hobby started to put its fridge in the cabinets above the kitchen which saves space by not being in a tradtional fridge arrangement.  The fridge is manufactured by Dometic exclusively for Hobby.  It certainly saves space - but is it too long and not high enough?  What do you think?

The new SlimLine fridge in the Vantana van has a cooling unit on board that has not existed before in this form in the caravanning sector. This is because the new compressor fridge, developed by Hobby in cooperation with Dometic, is – in contrast to every conventional fridge – installed transversely at the height of the upper cupboards. Thanks to a width of 1.40 metres it provides a capacity of 90 litres. Although the SlimLine fridge looks like a completely normal cupboard at first sight, its interior secret is discreetly hidden behind adjustable flaps in the normal furniture decor. Its shape has been purposefully reworked so it has been possible to integrate the SlimLine fridge virtually seamlessly in the furniture front.

Inside, there are cooling compartments on the left and right and in the middle, between the two flaps, an extendable drinks compartment can be found. Common 0.7 litres drink bottles can be stored here. What is particularly convenient is that all the cooling compartments are at eye level and can thus be easily seen and conveniently loaded.

Technical specifications for Hobby SlimLine refrigerator according to regulation (EU) 517/2017:
tC02 eq = 0.058t
GWP (global warming potential) = 1430
contains greenhouse gases Refrigerant R 134a


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