Finding your way back in the dark

Light & Comfort is a control unit that can interface with the motorhome’s lighting system and offer a convenient courtesy service. A press on the remote control (anti-theft, central locking or an optional specific one supplied by Project 2000) lights up both the cab and the living compartment for 30 seconds. A second press opens the step and switches on the outside light too. This is an extremely useful function when you return to your motorhome in the evening, in the dark, in poorly lit areas.

Light & Comfort also interfaces with the doors (cab and living compartment) and switches on timed lighting when a door is opened or closed as well. The remote control permits the installation of Light & Comfort on any vehicle type, even very dated ones, and thanks to the universal motors included in the kit, it allows the door locks to be operated and the motorhome to be equipped with central locking. Storage compartment flaps are also included. Light & Comfort can be installed on all vehicles, both if they feature vehicle locking and unlocking through the buttons on the keys and activating and deactivating the anti-theft system and in cases where none of the above is present in combination with the 12613/002 kit. At the technical level, Light & Comfort features 12 V DC supply, gradual switching on and off of lights and output for central locking motor management. The kit comprises rolling code remote control and receiver, power unit and 2 universal motors for central locking.


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