An electric height adjusted bed in the van

Project 2000, owned by Lippert Components has invented an electronic device for changing bed heights in manually operated beds.  The device is installed under the base of the bed and is managed, using buttons, from the garage. It weighs just 6.5 kg and retains the characteristics and performance of the manually adjusted bed, which weighs about 13 kg without electrical device. The travel remains 40 cm. The bed is distinguished by stable motion to any height without needing additional locking and by maximum liftable weight of 100 kg, with maximum static load of 400 kg. The electric actuator (Art. 579-867-0-VE09) is available for sale through Project 2000 retail network and can easily be installed in place of the existing mechanism. Freeing up space in the storage compartment-garage to stow away bulky items or equipment during the journey or, conversely, lowering the bed to get on it easily will be just a click away!


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