Dual battery system

The highly efficient IBS-DBS dual battery system with E24 certification is intended for retrofitting in travel, expedition and off-road vehicles. In addition to the many easily understandable display and alarm functions, the emergency start function is possible through the IBS 200A high current relay with the aid of the additional battery. The system can be used in addition to classic lead batteries as additional battery with light Li-ion battery for weight reduction. In order to meet even demanding installations with Euro6 vehicles with start / stop and Smart Alternator, the IBS-DBS can be expanded with the new IBS-IBSDBM20A with DC / DC charging converter. A variety of functions such as fast charging, bidirectional charging, emergency start and mountain thread support are available. The installation is very simple. Worldwide, this system has become a reference system because of its simplicity, reliability (conditions from -50 ° C to over + 100 ° C) and high utility value. The IBS dual battery systems can be supplemented as required with add-on modules such as permanently installed or portable solar technology and IBS Ultra Sine Inverters. Thus, efficient systems for work or leisure can be realized.