Dometic introduces cleaning agents

Dometic has introduced Clean&Care cleaners which may be suitable for use on some surfaces in motorhomes and caravans. The range includes products with formulas for stainless steel surfaces, refrigerators, ovens, grills, awning fabrics, acrylic glass windows and the bathroom. Dometic claims that they are powerful and gentle at the same time, the cleaners provide some solutions for hygiene problems in kitchenettes and bathrooms and they may also remove persistent stains from awnings and acrylic glass.

The multi-purpose cleaner is based on a bio-alcohol, the spray could remove ice build-up in refrigerators. The stainless steel cleaner is ideal for Dometic hobs and sinks. It dissolves fat and grease. The oven and barbeque cleaner may remove burnt-on food or grease. Based on a gel formula it holds on vertical surfaces and removes bacteria leaving a neutral odour. The fast acting awning and canopy cleaner comes with a matching brush head. It gets dirt out of textiles and restores the surfaces.

Also in the range is the new toilet-bowl and bathroom cleaner with a power gel formulation, it may remove lime scale and soap deposits, water spots and stains from toilets, showers and sinks etc. Suitable for plastic, stainless steel or ceramic surfaces.

The window cleaner set completes the new Clean & Care series. Acrylic glass windows should not be cleaned with a common glass cleaner; it would make the material brittle and apt to cracks and clouding. The Dometic window cleaner removes all types of dirt – even grease and persistent nicotine film – and protects the sensitive acrylic glazing at the same time. It also prevents static build-up and dust accumulation without using a solvent. The acrylic glass polish and the special cloth included in the set remove clouding and minor scratches.


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