Dethleff's Pulse

Four points distinguish the new Pulse series from Dethleffs in particular.

1. Weight: Thanks to lightweight construction measures, the Pulse shines as a payload master in the 3.5t class. Even with 4 people on board and 150 kg of optional equipment, there are still 180 kg left over.

2. Light: Light was a key element in the development of the vehicle and, together with the decor colors, contributes to the fact that recovery and well-being in the motorhome are further promoted. A harmonious light composition grounds the people and gives them the necessary balance, from which they draw energy.

3. Comfort: The innovative floor construction, the IsoProtect comfort floor, enables a flat living space without tripping hazards in the vehicle and thus increases living comfort. Constructively a little stroke of genius.

4. Design: The design of the interior and exterior are characterized by flowing shapes and homogeneous transitions, and by many constructive innovations such as the Maxi-Flex roof cabinet or the retracted rear. Nomen est Omen:

The new Pulse should be the motorhome on the pulse of time. In return, Dethleffs designers and product managers spent more than 18 months, incorporating not only new forms of development but also considerations to support overall well-being. In the interior and exterior, the semi-integrated and fully integrated vehicles are pioneers of a new Dethleffs design and form language. Especially the outside stands out immediately from the rear retracted rear as well as the new front in the integrated and the new T-hood in the semi-integrated in the eye. Inside, a sophisticated, natural lighting composition automatically brightens the mood of the travelers. In combination with a novel interior design, which focuses on natural tones, gentle lines and a harmonious sense of space, the Pulse provides space for regeneration and relaxation. A great sense of space is conveyed by the new roof cabinet architecture, which has been lowered to the ground.


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