Crash testing the Flair

Niesmann + Bischoff has carried out comprehensive crash tests on its Flair model having added what the manufacturer terms a tailored safety concept.with the integration of airbags, ESP, seatbelt tensioner and a crash mechanism for the brake.

“Our objective was to bring a safety package on board which guarantees the best-possible protection for all occupants, in particular in case of a crash.The past months of design and development were highly intensive. The result is outstanding”, says Hubert Brandl, Managing Director of Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH. The engineers involved have implemented an overall safety concept which is exclusive to the Flair. Niesmann+Bischoff has already registered the rights to the design.


Iveco Daily chassis converted and customised

The Flair has ESP and seatbelt tensioners as well as Pedal Release System, In the case of a rear-impact crash the brake pedal folds away to the front, thus reducing the possible risk of injuries to feet and legs. In order to achieve this, the Iveco Daily Chassis 70 C 18/21 has been converted to suit safety requirements. In addition to Iveco, the expertise of the Estepe truck specialists from the Netherlands as retrofitters was amongst other things required for this complex project.

A crash test in which the fully-equipped Flair with a 400 kg load – including two dummies weighing 78 kg each – was driven against a 120-tonne barrier of reinforced concrete. The transferred energy accorded with an unbraked impact at 135 kilometres per hour onto a stationary car. Accelerations of up to 57 g were measured on the chassis; 30 g were measured on the driver and passenger seats, which accords with 30 times the acceleration due to gravity. During the crash test with the dummies, not just the driver’s cab, but also the complete box set-up and interior fittings were included in the calculations and analyses.


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