Claims to be the smallest roof mounted AC

Teleco claims that the CLIMA e-VAN measuring a length of 71 cm and a height of 23 cm is the smallest roof-mounted air conditioner on the market. Especially designed for campervans with small roofs, it is secured to the roof both with the usual 40X40 cm roof-light opening and with a smaller 36X36 cm aperture.

An R32 gas refrigerant has been used as it has the lowest Global Warming Potential (GWP 675) that is currently found on air conditioners for vehicles, with a 70% reduction in environmental pollution power, compared to gases that have been used to date.

There are two models available with different refrigerating power, and both feature a heat pump. The functions Cold, Hot and Automatic can be selected via the remote control. The CLIMA e-VAN 5400H model has been designed for low consumption. It can also be connected to a battery through a pure sine wave inverter of minimum 1500W (when operating at full capacity) for use in moving vehicles. The small internal diffuser with its modern design is barely 4 cm thick, and can be easily installed for its small size, without impairing internal habitability. Features include a multifunctional display and LED lights that can be switched on and off via the remote control.


CLIMA eVan 5400H

CLIMA eVan 7400H

Refrigerating yield

1700 W

2200 W


1750 W

2300 W

Supply Voltage

230 Vac, 50 HZ, sinus

230 Vac, 50 HZ, sinus

Power consumption

2.8 A (cold)
2.7 A (hot)

4.2 A (cold)
4.1 A (hot)

Inrush current

15 A (100 ms)

18 A (100 ms)

Maximum air flow rate

270 m³/h

390 m³/h

Recommended vehicle length

Up to 6 metres

Up to 7 metres


31 Kg

31 Kg

External unit dimensions



Roof window dimensions

400x400 mm or 360X360 mm

400x400 mm or 360X360 mm



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