Charger introduced for lithium batteries

The new CB522-LT switching battery charger expressly dedicated to lithium batteries will be added to the CBE catalogue in September 2019. The product will already be available for OEMs starting from June and for aftermarket customers later on. The CB522-LT is an evolution of the CB500 series and designed for RV users seeking a high-performance system expressly dedicated to this innovative type of batteries. It has a single charging line specifically for lithium batteries with charging times and values optimised for this technology. In order to obtain an algorithm that maintains charging performance across different types of lithium batteries on the market, CBE has conducted extensive research and studied the systems made by major European manufacturers.

“The use of lithium batteries is still limited, but the new CB522-LT battery charger fills a niche so far not covered and actually more and more on demand by motorhome manufacturers”, said Dorian Sosi, the other CEO of CBE. “However, although our new battery charger offers an ideal recharging line for this type of product, I must emphasise that traditional CBE battery chargers are also suited for use with lithium batteries”.

The new system complements the range which includes the recent CB516/3 and CB522/3 presented at the past Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. The latter two are newly designed devices that respectively offer 16A and 22A of maximum deliverable current, as well as more efficient charging of lead-acid, lead-gel batteries, AGM and also lithium batteries.

“The CB522/3 is also suitable for lithium batteries using the charging line that is closest to the voltage values indicated by the battery manufacturer from the available three”, added Dorian Sosi. “If a user invests a non-negligible sum of money for a battery which, among other advantages, has very fast recharging times, it is right to develop a dedicated product for them. Capitalising on many decades of experience with our customers and the most recent studies of our Research & Development Department, we have identified a new charging line. Then we have optimised CB522-LT studying specifications along with the manufacturers of lithium batteries and taking advantage also of the collaboration of an outside partner specialised in technical tests”. 


The CB522-LT features overheating protection, plus the 12V outputs are protected against short circuits and polarity inversion.

Automatic charging system takes place in four phases.

  • Phase 1: Bulk - The battery is charged with maximum current until the end-of-charge voltage is reached.
  • Phase 2: Absorption - Battery charging is completed with constant end-of-charge voltage for a maximum time of 1h (or 30 minutes with I<5A).
  • Phase 3: Float - Maintenance charging at a constant voltage of 13.5V for a maximum time of 240 hours. The cycle is resumed from the bulk phase if battery voltage drops below 12.7V after a high load has been switched on.
  • Phase 4: Refresh - The battery is charged to the voltage of 14.5V for a maximum time of 30 minutes (or up to I<5A). Afterwards, the charge restarts from the float phase.






Rated voltage

230V ~ ±10%


50÷60 Hz

Max. power

320 W

Protection fuse

T 3.15A (glass 5x20)

Safety switch

230V ~ luminous




Bulk voltage


Float voltage


Maximum output current


Charging line


Short circuit and polarity

inversion protection

30A (car type)

Thermal protection


Signal AC power supply (S)

12V; 50 mA






Room temperature

0 - +40 °C


Gradual automatic regulation

Low voltage directive


EMC directive


Connection to network

3-pole “Mate-N-Lock” connector / Schuko plug

Connection to battery

Screw M6

Network signal connection

Faston type 6,3

Temperature sensor

Yes, included


180 x 190 x 85 (mm)




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