Campsite service columns from stainless steel, aluminium and UBX

CamperClean has devised a fully automated and patented toilet cassette emptying and cleaning station which is now being offered to campsites.   Recently company owner Ralf Tebartz has started to offer the products in stainless steel and aluminum which offer additional protection against some climatic conditions as well as against potential vandalism.

Stainless steel housings are generally burglar resistant. The ALU design with a Dibond housing consists of two 0.3-millimeter-thick aluminum layers, which are thermally bonded to a polyethylene core and are lighter than stainless steel. In addition to a higher value, this material has the design advantage that the case can be supplied in different colours.

In addition to these designs CamperClean also markets a "hardcore version": The UXB series, offering only electricity and fresh water, in a cast steel jacket version, is extremely vandalism resistant.

In general, the CamperClean service columns can individually combine all functions such as fresh water, electricity, space lighting, TV and W-LAN. The indirect 3-watt LED ambience lighting of the pillars is particularly attractive, as it directly illuminates the available functions and, indirectly, illuminates the surroundings atmospherically rather than dazzling all around it.

Since EU regulations allow each column to have a maximum of only four power connections, CamperClean also supplies so-called "heavy-duty" systems. Satellite constellations with a main pillar that controls and controls the other satellite pillars. The functions of the main or the individual columns can be used either with a coin system or by an intelligent RFID card system, in which the costs are billed cashless via credit or debit cards. The special convenience of the card system, also known as the CC smart card system, is that unused funds are transferred back to the credit or debit card.



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