Camper Clean installed at Brombachsee campsite

There are now more than 140 CamperClean cleaning stations throughout Europe. The owner Ralf Tebartz explains the success of his invention using the example of Seecamping Langlau am Brombachsee.
The office manager of the Zweckverband Brombachsee, Dieter Hofer, first became aware of CamperClean at CMT 2016. Dieter Hofer reports that "at the time, the special service quality of these fully automatic cleaning stations would have thrilled him." After intensive testing, the Seecamping Langlau site decided to purchase the fully automatic cleaning station at CMT 2017.
After complete installation in June 2017, campers were quickly convinced of the quality of service. This is already proven by 2,500 cleanings that the station has mastered within the first five months.

Dieter Hofer: "We still have another manual emptying station, but many campers use the CamperClean offer. We take 2 euros for each cleaning. Campers are prepared to pay for this service.  You acknowledge the absolutely clean and hygienic cleaning option. They like to invest the two euros, because with manual cleaning, they would also have to pay money for their own sanitary additive. "
But also for the campsite operator, the station pays off. It minimizes the use of water, reduces the labour input of cleaners and protects the environment because it eliminates any contamination that occurs during manual emptying.
This not only supports the quality of the Seecamping Langlau, but also the small Brombachsee, which was voted the most popular lake in Germany in an online voting and won an award for being the most attractive lake in Germany in 2017.

Dieter Hofer of the Zweckverband Brombachsee: "At the Brombachsee you go in a tranquil setting, but very cleverly on special interests - from families to dog owners, campers and nudist friends to people with physical limitations."
In this particular marketing fits the decision for the service-oriented CamperClean cleaning station. The Seecamping Langlau currently has 425 parking space units. The success of this Franconian tourism region and especially the Seecamping Langlau has led to the decision to expand the course terrain by four hectares and another 150 units. The approval of the campers as well as the ecological and economic advantages have induced Dieter Hofer to purchase a second CamperClean cleaning station as part of the expansion.


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