Breathalyser app has become available

Various countries seem to be stuck on the idea of forcing motorists to carry breathalysers. Logic says that it is completely pointless as it someone has so little respect for other drivers that they drive under the influence of alcohol then they are hardly likely to carry around a breathaliser whereas for the overwhelming majority who are honest motorists this is nothing but an extra expense that we are going to be forced to have to pay for - and one that is no doubt going to have to be updated as technology improves.

An app is now available in the US and will soon be available in Europe for smartphone users. Called Alcohoot, it was launched in mid December 2013, it is an accessory that plugs into the audio jack on iOS or Android device to helps track Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).

The Alcohoot costs USD120 and is roughly the size of a cigarette lighter. Alcohoot says it has tested compatibility with Android smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG.


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