Automatic cleaning solution for cassettes launched

Earlier this year Ralf Tebartz and his partner Mark Butterweck completed a project to launch the mass production of what they believe to be the first fully automatic cleaning station for toilet cassettes. Camper Clean works like an automatic car wash. It drains the toilet cassette and cleans the inside.

There are now 16 campsites in Germany, Holland and the UK using this systems and sites in Spain, Croatia and Holland are to follow in May 2015.  The company claims that there are also requests from Denmark, Norway, Austria, Switzerland and France.

The cleaning operation works in such a way that users do not need to come into contact with faeces and there is no smell.  The machines are coin operated.  Users place the cassette on the machine and is pushed until the green LED lights up.  The start button is pressed which closes the door and the internal cleaning takes place through suction. Once emptied, the cartridge is refilled with toilet solution additive and the correct amoung of water. 

The manufacturers of Camper Clean say that the machine accepts all popular cassette formats. The station automatically recognizes each cartridge type and protects against misuse. A special sensor technology also prevents clogging, recognizes the degree of contamination and adjusts the cleaning logic accordingly.

The machine is certified to EN 12729 and DIN EN 1717.






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